Stop the World - I Want to Get Off!

By anthony newley and leslie bricusse

PRODUCED BY CSULB University Players

CSULB Studio Theatre, October 2016

Directed by Joanne Gordon

Lighting Design by Caitlin Eby

Scenic Design by Danila Korogodsky

Costume Design by Amanda Martin

Sound Design by Kate Fechtig



In CSULB's production of Stop the World, the scenic design was inspired by a Rubik's Cube - comprised of nine movable blocks that created infinite scenic configurations for the many musical numbers. Caitlin Eby reinforced the abstracted carnival theme with many patterns and a bold color palette. The roles of Evie/Anya/Ilse/Ginnie - the many women who captivate Little Chap throughout his life, was embodied by Alexandra Billings through most of the run and graduate student Jessica Soza as her understudy.

Original Story Boards

Rendered in Vectorworks 3D

by Caitlin Eby