Check Your Privilege

by jeremy llorence & cara beth heath

A New Piece of Documentary Theatre at WMU

PRODUCED BY WMu gilmore theatre complex

Zack L. York Arena, September 2014

Directed by Stephanie Sandberg

Lighting and Projections by Caitlin Eby

Sound Design by Matthew Birchmeier

Master Electrician, Projection Technology Support by Brian Boyer

Check Your Privilege made its debut in WMU's most intimate black box theatre, turned into a "white box" by adding large sheets of white paper to the upper ring, in 2014. Students in the New Play Project class interviewed Western Michigan University students, teachers, administrators as well as members of Kalamazoo community for their experiences with systemic racism. These interviews were pieced together in a script written by WMU graduate playwright students Jeremy Llorence and Cara Beth Heath with director Stephanie Sandberg to create an intense piece of theatre relative to the community in which it was performed. In her lighting design, Caitlin Eby utilized LED technology and low angled lighting to heighten the discomforting moments of racism and oppression. Additionally, to add to the documentary style, several traditional projectors were aimed at the white paper around the ring and two roving wireless projectors were operated by cast members and connected to iPhones and cameras that the cast used to capture close-ups of each other and text written on white boards as they told their stories.