By Ingmar bergman

PRODUCED BY CSULB california repertory

CSULB Studio Theatre, April 2017

Directed by Christopher Shaw

Lighting Design by Caitlin Eby

Scenic Design by Ulyana Chava

Costume Design by Lesley Li Su

Sound Design by Corinne Carillo



In CSULB's production of Nora, the scenic design was inspired by abstracted trees and birdcages, resulting in tall vertical poles at varying angles. Inspired by research photos of the broad Norwegian sky, Caitlin Eby created her own water color-like sky by layering textures, LEDS, a bounce, a cyc, and a scrim. Throughout the show, a low sun inspired by historic data of the sun's position in Norway during the 1800's, lingers in the background. This sun and the saturated colors of the sky are meant to represent Nora and the potential she could reach if not held back by the time and situation in which she lives. They also juxtapose the almost stuffy feeling of the downstage area, lit as if there were gaslight fixtures throughout. Contrary to Bergman's scripted ending of Nora, in which we focus on and are meant to pity her husband Torvald, this CSULB production chose instead to focus on Nora. As she finally breaks through the upstage scenery in her ultimate exit, she stops abruptly as a door slams. The downstage home, her former life, and Torvald are plunged into a blackout while Nora is simultaneously bathed in a bright golden sunrise and warm sidelight. As she composes herself and exits stage left, it begins to snow to the sound of soft cello music and the sunrise slowly fades to black.

Sky Story Boards

Soft Pastel, Gouache,

Snow added using photoshop

by Caitlin Eby

This single interactive cutout rendering is meant to be laid over various renderings of different skies. In doing so you may see how the backdrop of the sky changes the mood and perception of the space. The scene rendered is  where Krogstad tells Nora that he is blackmailing her.