by Patrick Hamilton

Produced by WMU Gilmore Theatre Complex

WMU D. Terry Williams Theatre, February 2015

Guest Directed by David Allen George

Lighting/Practicals Design by Caitlin Eby

Scenery Design by J.M. Thompson

Costume Design by Kathryn Wagner

Sound Design by Ryan Williams

WMU's rendition of this classic Victorian psychological thriller (also known as Angel Street) took a distinctly expressionistic stance, particularly in Caitlin Eby's lighting design. By using the nearly insane character Bella as a guide for the lighting moments, her mood swings and furious emotions led to nearly constant light cues that fired over several minutes. In addition to the lighting, Caitlin also designed and created the practicals; two wall sconces, one swinging desk unit, and an enormous six-armed chandelier that loomed over the scenery. You can see process photos of the chandelier's creation as well as production photos below.

Production photos

chandelier construction process

Materials: Soft copper tube, plastic vase, foam, plywood, paper towels, 1" steel pipe with flange, clay, fern foliage, artist's wood figurines, felt, black & metallic paint, glass domes & shades.