Gaslight - Vectorworks 3D Renderings

Gaslight -  "Fear Look"

Gaslight - "Fear Look"

Gaslight  - "Joy Look"

Gaslight - "Joy Look"

Gaslight  - Reality / Base Look

Gaslight - Reality / Base Look

"Moment of Coincidence" Lighting Cube Installation

Inspired by Javanese Gamelan Music and the idea of a "Moment of Coincidence." This portable installation explores the intersection of color, time, space and how they effect the viewer as they experience moments of contrast, complement, and coincidence through the cycle of light.


Endgame - Vectorworks 3D Renderings

Endgame  - "Top of Show"

Endgame - "Top of Show"

Endgame  - "Isolated look"

Endgame - "Isolated look"

Endgame -  "Bottom of Show"

Endgame - "Bottom of Show"

Paper by 53 iPad Storyboards for CSU Long Beach's Antigone X.

Nora - Lighting Design Sky Storyboards

A gouache rendering with the negative areas of sky cutout can be overlayed on various soft pastel mock-ups of skies to quickly show how it effects the space.

Gaslight - Practicals Design and Construction

A hand-drafting elevation (left) and concept sketch (right) of a six-armed gaslight chandelier, the centerpiece of the Gaslight practicals. Two sconces and a swinging arm desk unit were created to match.