Bird in the Hand

By Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

PRODUCED BY CSULB University Players

CSULB Studio Theatre, April 2016

Directed by Shanti Pillai and Marc Gomes

Lighting Design by Caitlin Eby

Scenic Design by Lin Xiyu

Costume Design by Sara Lindsey

Sound Design by Cory Carillo



Actors dressed in Cuban and Latin American inspired costumes behave as flamingos that infused this production of Bird in the Hand with movement and intrigue as Felix, a young second generation Floridian, struggles with friendship, sexuality, and finding himself. Lit primarily with a palette of emerald greens and soft amber textures, Caitlin Eby aspired to a feeling of comfort inspired by the Florida swamps - cut with rich color and black light in the world of the flamingos and the Bird Park in which Felix and his best friend work.

Design Concept Mood Boards